Bow tie

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Bow tie

A wooden butterfly is an unusual accessory, which more and more is gaining popularity among fashion accessories. To date, a wooden bow tie can be seen on business people, businessmen, as well as on many stars and entertainers. Also, this accessory, which is suitable for both men and women.

Our online store offers a wide range of author's accessories:

- carved butterflies

- butterflies with engraving

- veneered butterflies

- butterflies with leather inserts

- butterflies with a mirror surface

All our products are made of natural wood.

In addition, you can order a laser engraving service on the back of the butterfly, so that the gift is remembered forever and emphasizes your personality.

In our online store you can buy and order a bow tie handmade.

Residents of Kiev can come to our store to touch and try on a wooden butterfly, choose different colors for the finishing strip.

Carved butterflies are interesting because through the holes cut through the laser, the fabric of the shirt is visible, so with different men's shirts the bow tie will look different.

Veneered bow ties can be bought anywhere in Ukraine. You send the order to different carriers. We have a large selection of VENE colors from white, gold to black.

There are butterflies gilded with gold leaf 24 carats. Peas from gold leaf looks unusually stylish.

Especially we are proud of the option of a wooden bow tie decorated with mirrored silver and gold acrylic.

You will hardly find something like that.

Budte are unique and unique with butterflies bought in our online store.