Combs with magnets

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Combs  with magnets

Our online store can offer you a practical and useful accessory for caring for your beard and mustache. Professional, stylish, wooden comb is made of natural wood species - ash, maple, sweet cherry. This is a topical subject of personal hygiene to care for the vegetation on the face, regardless of its length and splendor. For this in the "answer" the design of the ridge, that is, the specially selected location of the teeth, their length and thickness. In fashion there has always been and will be an easy brutality and masculinity. Therefore, for "bearded" and "beetles" will need items to care for them in order to look perfect and attract the admiring attention of others and ladies including. Owning a beard and mustache is important to be neat and well-groomed. Thanks to this main rule, carrying it out, a man will always be stylish and fashionable. Our crest, made of natural wood, is able to provide a beautiful and neat appearance of the beard and mustache. A wooden comb can be lubricated with your favorite essential oil, which when combed will give an additional health effect. The wooden comb is placed in the holding for storage and carrying. For reliable fixation on both sides of the wooden crest there are magnets. Given the small size of the ridge, he always has a place in his pocket. The case is patterned. Fantasy, order us your design!