Tea house "Hut" designer model for decoupage, house for tea bags

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What is the purpose of the "Tea House"? And is it necessary at all?
Of course, tea bags can be stored in a paper box in the back locker.
And you can buy not an expensive piece for a tea house, put together by yourself and decorate a table with an original element of the interior.

Even without further processing, the tea house looks beautiful, but there are plenty of possibilities to make it even more original and unique.
You can use various decoupage techniques, volumetric elements, various coatings, such as oil or varnish. Take the acrylic paint and paint the house - enjoy the creativity. The house is removed without additional tools and glue.

Insert the parts into the grooves (perhaps, you need to apply a little force somewhere)
The roof of the house easily reclines and you can put tea bags inside.
There is a hole in the bottom of the house, from which you can get the sachets.

Turn tea drinking into an adventure.

The constructor of the house is made of high-quality plywood.

The size of the house in the assembled state:

The height - 24 cm.

The width - 16 cm.

The depth - 12,5 cm.

Weight - 235 gr.

In disassembled form, the dimensions of the box are 30 * 15 * 2 cm.

The size (мм) 21*12*12
Size with packing (мm) 30*15*2
The weight (gram) 255
Weight with packing (gram) 290

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